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Registered Wolfenstein 3D

Name: Operation: Panzerschiff SDL
Author: Ben Blaufarb
New EXE: Yes
New Graphics: Yes
New Sound: New Sounds and Music
Levels: 31
Files Included: All
Wolf Version Required: None
Our Opinion + Information: Here's the SDL conversion of Ben Blaufarb's 'Operation: Panzerschiff.' Originally released in 1999, it is one of the first standalone TC's, and made extensive use of the then-new FloEdit tool. There's a lot of new graphics, a new title screen, new status bar, and changed menu colours. 31 new levels. Very stylish. Conversion by Andy Nonymous. Vista/Windows 7-compatible.
Year: 2013 Update

Shareware Wolfenstein 3D

Registered Spear of Destiny

Shareware Spear of Destiny