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Wolfenstein 3D For Macintosh

Wolfenstein 3D 1st Encounter

Title, (# of Levels), by Author, Extra info
Adlerhorst Pilot, (3), by Christian Vinna
Ayapen, (9), by Butcha
Ayapenmania, (1), by Butcha
Blood'n Bones, (11), Author Unknown
(Link coming soon), Bobby Wolfenstein, (?), by ?
Boogieman, (1), Author Unknown
Boss Levels, (6), Doug Bancroft
Brobst's Marathon, (2), by John Brobst
Bunker of Thorns, (2), RSTEELY
Catacombs, (10), by Tim Taylor (?)
Compilation Des 21 Niveaux, (20), Jean-Sebastien Rimmel
The Dark Fortress, (6), by Masahiro Iwakura
The Dark Fortress 2+, (7), by Masahiro Iwakura
Das ist Nicht Gut!, (3), by Ron Carr
(Link coming soon), Doors, (?), by ?
Dorm of Death, (5), by Bob Gunzenhauser
(Link coming soon), Double Detour, (?), by ?
(Link coming soon), Etude 1 (?), by ?
(Link coming soon), Etude 2 (?), by ?
(Link coming soon), Etude 3 (?), by ?
(Link coming soon), Etude 4 (?), by ?
(Link coming soon), Eucleidean Labrynth, (?), by ?
(Link coming soon), The Forth Reich, (?), by ?
The Fuehrer's Ambition for 1st, (10), by Yoshimichi Endoh
The Getaway, (4), by Risto Kaukonen
A Graduation Ceremony, (7), by Tomohisa Kishihata
(Link coming soon), Hell Wolfenstein, (?), by ?
The Janitor's Escape, (1), by Chris Funk
Machine Gun World, (4), by Yan Choon Ee
Mansion of Atrocities, (5), by Kazushige Matsuno
Mission Squirrel World, (19), StevenM482
More! & More! Wolfenstein, (12), by Masahiro Iwakura
Mystery of the Hakencreuz, (10), by Tomohisa Kishihata
On the Shores of Hell, (1), Jon Bair
Operation Emerald Light, (10), by Yoshimichi Endoh
Operation Kennel Mission, (10), by John Devries
RobertStein-finest, (12), by Robert Edvardsson
Robertstein-tricky, (9), by Robert Edvardsson
Tears of the Mechanised Soldier for 1st, (5), by Yoshimichi Endoh
THINK!, (2), kreme@netcom.com
Three circles of hell, (3), Michael Hutchens ?
The Underground Castle, (1), by Sean Howard
The Underground Tunnels, (10), by Dustin Hein
Wolf Restricted Demo, (3), by Blake Zuckerman
(Link coming soon), Wolfenmania, (?), by ?
Wolfenstein: The Hell to Heaven, (11), by Tomohisa Kishihata
Wolfenstein: Mansion of Trial, (4), by Yohei Sasaki
(Link coming soon), Wolfenstein: Map for Beginner Beta 2, (5), by Yasurin
Wolfenstein: Perverse Maps 2, (10), by Yasurin
Wolfenstein: Requiem of Genocide, (5), by Isamu Mitsunaga
Wolfenstein: Underground, (10), by Yohei Sasaki
Wolfenstein X, (22), by Dustin & Justin Kittelson
(Link coming soon), Wolfenstein 4th Encounter, (?), by ?
(Link coming soon), The Wolveslayer, (?) by ?