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Dopefish Part 2

Dopefish Part 1?

You can find Joe Siegler's Dopefish Part 1 here. Joe Siegler lost interest in updating the Dopefish page when The 3D Realms Studio went down in 2009. I will try to give you the other updates about the Dopefish here as long as the Youtube videos don't get too redundant.

Dopefish Probable Prime?

Go to this page on primenumbers.net, at the bottom of the page select my name, Matt Stath, and then look for the 10,112-digit probable prime. It's also on one of The Prime Curios Pages by webmaster GL Honaker. I'm not saying much about how I discovered it. The following is a small picture of it that looks better in Internet Explorer than Firefox:

You can see a text file of the equation here.

3D Realms Dopefish Forum?

3D Realms Dopefish Forum.

The Big Bang Theory?

Enter Text EnterLink.



You can see Dopefish shirts, a sweatshirt, a pair of boxer shorts, a mug, and a sticker at Cafepress.

This is the description on the mug.


Coming Soon

Dopefish in a 3D Computer Program?

Coming Soon

Dopefish in Mushroom Kingdom Fusion?

Coming Soon

Dopefish 3D Realms Mug?

Click here for a picture almost twice as wide.


Coming Soon

Return To Castle Wolfenstein Fish?

Watch Youtube at about 1:25 to see how to find the Dopefish sign in the mp_rocket mod for Return To Castle Wolfenstein.


Coming Soon


You can get the saved game for TUTNT for Doom 2 at TUTNT Goodies.


You can get Dopefish magnets, mousepads, mugs, steins, t-shirts, caps, and bumper stickers at Urban Dictionary and here. Urban Dictionary may contain profound language.


Coming Soon


The Dopefish is now on Wikipedia.

Miscellaneous Dopefish Videos?

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