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The Enigma Code

Wolfenstein Alternate Reality Game With The Enigma Code

Jpb6891 started a Wolfenstein Alternate Reality Game a few months ago. If you want to play it, go to Jpb6891's Moodle page. Register and select the Enigma Machine course. There's other things where you will have to use an Enigma machine to gain passwords and entry into websites. This is going to be cool. Jpb6891's so exited to be creating this game. BJ Blazkowicz is going to be the hero. BJ actually runs the Enigma machine course you see on the website. His grandson Commander Keen is also an attendee. The antagonist in the Wolfenstein Alternate Reality Game is a group called The Triad. The Triad are going to be involved with ressurecting Hitler. This ARG is a prequel to Wolfenstein Endgame and Amazing Grace.

It is free. If you see some things that list assignments without any description submit link, these are extra credit assignments. Exams are worth 100 points each. There are two regular exams and one bonus exam. On the two regular exams, you may not use any support materials. On the bonus exam, you can. This class should not take long. It should take only about 30 minutes to do all of it. There is also a research paper to complete. The research paper does not have to be long. Five sentences are fine. Just make sure you cite your sources. If you submit BJ Blazkowicz a paper without any sources, you will get a 0.

Also there's a Rise of the Triad Original Design Spec that's part of the story for the Wolfenstein ARG.

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