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Wolfenstein 3D, RoTT, and Commander Keen in Other Computer Games Engines

This page is actually under construction because patches and pictures will be added later.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

This was made by M0bileforce-gs1. Download Wolf3D-Sounds-V1.0 from Filefront or Wolfenstein Goodies.

Chex Quest Games

Doom or Ultimate Doom

Doom 2

Doom 3

Duke Nukem Forever

I how don't understand how this is supposed to be in Duke Nukem Forever in about the year 2002.

Duke Nukem 3D (PC or Mac)

Castle Dukenstein is on Clubey's Site. Don't run Castle Dukenstein in Atomic Edition. The videos are Castle Dukenstein, Castle Wolfenstein (E1M1), Central Command (E1M2), Wolf River (E1M3), Swastika (E1M4), The Vaults (E1M5), Flip Flop (E1M6), The Gauntlet (E1M7), The Barracks (E1M8), Hans Grosse (E1M9), Dr. Schabbs (E2M9), the playlist of the first 11 videos, and Duke Nukem 64- Monster of Castle Dukenstein.

Download Castle Dukenstein files from Tripod.com.
Or from Wolfenstein Goodies:
-Version 5.3 Readme
-Version 5.3 Zip
-Version 6.12 Zip

Wolf2Duke is on Clubey's site. Download Wolf2Duke from Tripod.com (6.9 Megabytes) or Wolfenstein Goodies. I haven't played Duke Nukem 3D in a long time, but maybe there's a second PC version of Wolf2Duke here including a Macintosh version.

There's a video of a Rise of The Triad level 1 conversion in a Duke Nukem 3D speedrun. The map is made by Bob Averill. You can download it at gamers.org or the text file and the zip file at Wolfenstein Goodies.


Try Wolfenstein 3D Flash by TehBoss on Newgrounds.com.

Wolfenflash is in Macromedia Flash or Adobe Flash. Vist the forum thread. It's probably made by Glen Rhodes and at aoleonthemartiangirl.com, americanbullyworld.com, donpixel.com, gameshockers.com, gamesocket.geek.nz (You get to save your scores!?), gamesva.com, glenrhodes.com, jarkey.net, jocuri-super.com, minijuegos.com, thegameslist.com, wickedsmallgames.com, or you type in Wolfenstein on Facebook.


Read about Gmods on Wikipedia. The video is here. The guy that posted the Youtube movie typed that he lost the file and lost track of the link.

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas

These skins can either replace CJ or any of the pedestrian skins within GTA San Andreas. Download skin pack part 1 from Filefront or or Wolfenstein Goodies. Download skin pack part 2 from Filefront or or Wolfenstein Goodies.


Dejavu v.2.00 is a single player level for Half-Life, based on Wolfenstein 3D and Duke Nukem 3D. Download it from Fileplanet (6.2 Megabytes) or Wolfenstein Goodies.

Speaking of Half-Life, download The Dopefish from Fileplanet or Wolfenstein Goodies.

Half-Life: Team Fortress 2

Download Team Fortress 2: Arena Wolfenstein 3D from Fileplanet.com or Wolfenstein Goodies.

Half-Life 2

There's a video of Wolf-Life 2 - Escape from Castle Halfenstein. Download the single player Wolfenstein 3D map from here or here on Filefront.com, or Wolfenstein Goodies.

There's another Wolf3D in Half-Life 2, but this is a deathmatch mod on The English Moddb.com or The French Jeuxvideopc.com for ReWolfenstein 3D. The blog is wolf3dsource. There are videos of the game being made, the screenshots, the Trailer, Gameplay, Gameplay + BGM (Source Mod), Source Main Menu + Vmix. Download the demo from Moddb.com (79.2 Megabytes) and download the source patch from the Source Patch Youtube link.
Or download from Wolfenstein Goodies:
-Source Patch

Left For Dead 2

Download L4D2 Wolfenstein 4D from Fileplanet (41.2 megabytes), l4dmaps.com, or Wolfenstein Goodies.

Lego Wolfenstein 3D Page - Coming Soon

Mario Paint Composer (PC and Mac)

Listen to the Rise of The Triad's original "Mist Ache" music here, or here, and then listen to it in Mario Paint Composer. Listen to the Rise of The Triad's original "Suck This" music here, here, here, here, here, here, another remix, or a Mega Man X rendition, and then listen to it in Mario Paint Composer.

You can read about Mario Paint on Wikipedia, Wikia, or visit The Mario Paint Hangout Forums.

I understand that with Mario Paint Composer that you get a few new features like being able to have more simultaneous notes.

Download Mario Paint Composer 1.1 PC from Shareme.com (7.37 Megabytes), Mario Paint Composer 1.2 OS X (April 2010 release?) from Rocketdownload.com (5.6 Megabytes), or Mario Paint Composer 2 OSX from Download.com (7.65 Megabytes).
Or download from Wolfenstein Goodies:
-Mario Paint Composer 1.1 PC
-Mario Paint Composer 1.2 OS X
-Mario Paint Composer 2 OS X


There's a Wolfenstein 3D E1M1 Minecraft Youtube video and forum.


Coming Soon: Wolfenstein 3D, Doom, and The Dopefish in MUGEN.

Mushroom Kingdom Fusion

Mushroom Kingdom Fusion is a game made in Game Maker 7 or 8 in The Super Mario Brothers 3 Hello Engine 3.

Version 0.25 does not include The Wolfenstein 2D level, but anyways it's at Moddb.com and Wolfenstein Goodies.

Version 0.40 and the 0.41 patch do include The Wolfenstein 2D level. Download version 0.40, the Water Temple music, The Sarahara Scramble, and the 2 music packs from here. Also download the version 0.41 patch. It's all hundreds of megabytes combined. Look at the FAQ, and the message boards here and here. There was going to be a Chex Quest game in a Game Maker 7 or 8 in game The Super Mario Brothers 3 Hello Engine 3 like Mushroom Kingdom Fusion. I'd link to Chex Quest in Game Maker 7 or 8, but the web site doesn't exist anymore. Watch the Wolfenstein 3D level here before it was added to v 0.40, with a new update, with a small update, and in German. Watch the Dopefish test, Sonic VS. The Dopefish a random video, and the Well of Wishes Update. Watch The Doom Tower of Babel Level with Mario. There are over 100 official Mushroom Kingdom Fusion levels on Youtube and 1,640 total Mushroom Kingdom Fusion videos including unreleased alterations.


Wolfenstein True-3D never came out.

Wolf3D for Quake has message board with screenshots. Download Wolf3D for Quake from Doomwadstation.com or from Wolfenstein Goodies:
-wolfie3d.txt and

Speaking of Quake, the Dopefish is in Quake. Download from Fileplanet or Wolfenstein Goodies.

Quake 2

Wolfenstein Resurrection never came out.

Play Wolfenstein maps for Quake 2 by AklashPahk from Fileplanet (4.2 Megabytes) or Wolfenstein Goodies.

Generations V.98 has an archive page. You also can download it from Fileplanet (30 Megabytes) or Wolfenstein Goodies.

Quake 3

Wolf3D for Quake 3 is on Clubey's Web Site.

BJ Blaskovics is in Quake 3 Arena by Philip Stavitsky. This is more of a skin pack with bot support. Download it from Fileplanet or Wolfenstein Goodies.

Wolf3D E5F4 by Venom Inc. is in Quake 3 Arena. Download it from Planetquake or Wolfenstein Goodies.

There's also Generations. I understand that with Generations, you get to use weapons from Wolfenstein 3D, Doom, and Quake. The manual is here, the downloads add up to over 700 megabytes and are on the downloads.php page. They have a forum here with over 200 members, or post on Wolf3d.darkbb here.

Return To Castle Wolfenstein

You can post on this message board. Download Single Player E1M1 from Filefront.com, Fileplanet.com (22.5 Megabytes), or Wolfenstein Goodies.

Widowstein is similar to some Wolf3D maps. There are up to 10 players. Download it from Fileplanet or Wolfenstein Goodies.

Rise of The Triad

ROTT was originally going to be an expansion pack or sequel for Wolfenstein 3D according to AReyeP.com, 3D Realms' Forums, and 3D Realms itself.

The Wolf3D in ROTT level was made by ID Software. Supposedly, they were going to include it as a secret level. But either it wasn't as good as they planned or it was too close to a deadline. So they made the Wolfenstein 3D Secret levels in Doom 2. There's one video of one of the Blake Stone levels somewhere and a video of The Wolf3D level.

Download all 3 files from The ROTTpository files page. Or download Blake Stone Rott 1: Star Institute, Blake Stone Rott Beta 1, and WolfRoTT from Wolfenstein Goodies. Edit: I don't know why 3 of these links aren't working.

There's a Wolf to ROTT map converter and a graphics converter at The August 1, 2008 news, and this thread! Download the map converter and graphics converter at Wolfenstein Goodies. Pictures are here. It works with every game that I've tried except for Spear End of Destiny because there are coding changes.

I hope to put more ROTT files on Wolfenstein Goodies.

Strong Bad's Cool Game For Attractive People (PC and Wii)

Strong Bad is a character from Homestarrunner.com. He looks like a comedian impersonating a wrestler from The Mexican Wrestling Federation.

Somebody on the internet said that Strong Bad's Cool Game For Attractive People is for PC and Wii. Watch part 8 of The PC walkthrough with the parody of Wolfenstein 3D in it. Watch part 17 and 18 of The Wii walkthrough. There are other oddball games at Homestarrunner.com including Peasant's Quest, a parody of King's Quest. The web site almost seems to be made by boys who accidentally took the wrong dosage of Ritalin.

Download The PC S.B.C.G.F.A.P. Episode 5: 8-bit is Enough at Fileplanet.com (78.5 megabytes) or Wolfenstein Goodies.


Here's the video of The Sven Co-op Wolf3D test map.


Only E1M1 is in single player Unreal. It's made by Loos. You can download it at map-factory.org (11.4 Megabytes) or Wolfenstein Goodies.

The plan to make Wolf3D in Unreal has been scrapped. I had heard that it was for copyright reasons and their web site didn't seem to be updated. It's possible it became The Wolf Resurrection game in Unreal, I don't know.

Unreal Tournament

Wolf Resurrection videos include Trailer - Story, Trailer 1 - Redux - Story, Trailer 2 - Features / what if (Wolf3D is not abandonware as the video says.), Mission 1 ver 1, Mission 1 ver 2, Mission 2: Barracks part 1, Mission 2: Barracks part 2, Mission 4: ver 1 Mission 4 Speedrun with Easter Egg, Mission 9, Mission 10, Mission 19, Wolf 3D Mission 1 - Remakes, and the playlist. Mission 10 doesn't look familiar. I think that ultimately Wolf Resurrection was scrapped.

If I remember correctly, the Hot Stocks 2000's Mod Squad web site in the year 2000 that had the drunken missle from Rise of The Triad and the BFG 2000 based on the BFG 3000 from Doom. I archived it at the wrong time or they didn't have the weapons anymore.

Download DM Wolfenstein 3D E1M1 by Loos from map-factory.org (4.5 Megabytes), or Wolfenstein Goodies.

Deathmatch Wolfenstein 3D E1M1 by Blair Williams looks like it was done on a deadline. Download it from Fileplanet.com or Wolfenstein Goodies.

Unreal Tournament 2004

Download E1M1 from Gamespot (Free Membership Required) or Wolfenstein Goodies.

There's also a Wolf3D sound pack for Unreal Tournament 2004 from someplace I can't remember and Wolfenstein Goodies.

Unreal Tournament 3 (PC and PS3)

It's the first level of Wolf3D in Unreal Tournament 3 by Unrealloco, wickedinsanegaming.net, or wickedhq.com. There's a message board for the video and mod.

Download all the files from Wickedhq.com.
or from Wolfenstein Goodies:
-PC version with symbols
-PC version with no symbols
-PS3 version with no symbols

Update: I don't know why the links in the above paragraph aren't downloading the correct files, but you can get The PC Wolfenstein 3D in Unreal Tournament 3 level from Filefront.com (9.73 megabytes) or Wolfenstein Goodies.

Voxelstein 3D

Page Coming Soon.


It's at College Humor and Wolfenmod.

Personally, I'm 99% sure that Wolfenmod is a joke. First of all, it sounds like a joke. Second, why would you need The X-Box 360 version in your Mac Powerbook instead of The Macintosh Wolfenstein? Third, why would you need the source code?

Wolfenstein 5D: Mario Version

Watch Mario shoot German Turtles.

Wolf3D in other computer games engines forum thread. - Coming Soon

Clubey's Page of Wolf3D conversions.

Macintosh Wolfenstein 3D

Wolfenstein 3D in Consoles and Calculators - Coming Soon

Wolfenstein 3D Look-a-likes and Sequels - Coming Soon

Wolfenstein 3D in Standalone Programs

World War 2 Mods - Coming Soon